‘…one day I will be magnificent.’

These are the lyrics from one of my favourite songs at the moment by one of one of my all time favourite bands, Peace. One of the things I like about Peace, is they seem to have a real modern understanding of everyday millennial life. I assume they’re around the same age as me.

They, a little like Jeremy Corbyn, have always been on the right side of history. They empower women, believe in kindness, protect vulnerable people and most prominently for me, they are huge advocates for tackling the stigma surrounding mental health. They represent everything that STW is about.

They have so many songs that inspire some deep thinking and questioning of the society we currently live in.

I’m disappointed that I missed out on my self care Sunday post yesterday, which I’m trying to get into the habit of writing again. Essentially, self care Sunday is about taking the time to reflect on the week before. Unfortunately, I stressed myself out way too much last night and had a pretty horrific anxiety attack so I had to skip writing for the night (I now know the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack because of doing CBT a few months ago).

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently finishing one job and about to move onto a new one. I am also running my own business (STW) and trying to buy a house. While all of these things are wonderful, doing them all in a small space of time is not good for my MH.

Fortunately for me, I met with some really cool people over the past few weeks who have essentially become a brand new support system that I didn’t know that I’d got before.

In terms of exciting things that are happening, I met with to a wonderful and talented man called Jamie O’Connell. Jamie genuinely grilled me about STW on Friday but then, to my relief, turned around and said ‘I’m sold, how can I help?’.

If  Jamie, an industry pro says that he’s sold, I must be doing something right at the moment!

Anyway, back to Peace and those lyrics. If you listen to the song, Magnificent, you’ll realise how relatable they can be to the modern day millenials.


When you’re feeling unwell or like you’re losing control of your mental health, it can be really hard to reach out and feel like you’re a valuable part of society. Particularly, at work, when you’re taking time off to get better.

I’ve been really scared to tell people what’s been going on at work, particularly my peers, because I know, anytime I take off means someone else will pick it up. However, today my team sat down with me at lunch and said ‘if you need to take time off, take it off.’

I’m fighting to stay at work at the moment by practicing as much self-care as possible but I don’t want people to look at me and think any less of me because I’ve got depression and anxiety.

Therefore, thanks to Peace – I’ve found a way of saying what I’ve wanted to say for 3+ years: ‘Don’t give up on me, just yet. One day I’ll be, magnificent. I’ll be magnificent.’

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments and shares posts on Stop The World. You’ve truly made me feel magnificent recently and I’ll be forever grateful.

Watch this space team – we’ll all be magnificent soon enough!

Peace x

peace sign

Positive of the day: I told some students about Stop The World and they loved the sound of it. We had a really lovely open conversation about mental health in young people and it was refreshing to hear that people 6 years younger than me are in a much better position to understand their own mental health than I was at uni. That’s totally progress!