There is something so strong that was demonstrated tonight by the England football team. It’s demonstrated by kids at Christmas, by priests in a church, even by people walking down the street – avoiding three grids in a row.

Belief. The belief that something will and can happen. It takes people from ordinary to extraordinary. I never thought I would be in a position 4 years ago, when I first left teaching and felt the lowest of the low, where I feel genuinely (dare I say it) happy.

Gareth Southgate is currently talking about how England ‘owned the process’. The idea of not knowing what’s going to happen but knowing your role and power in how you react. 

There’s so much we can take from believing in something. The main thing I’ll take from tonight, is that if you believe in yourself, ignorning the past and the ‘hype’or pressure surrounding a situation, you can do more than anyone ever thought you could. 

Love always,

L x

Planning to get back on the blog this week. Lots of positives to catch you up on.