Hello everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post. A lot has happened since, some of which is STW related, some of it is life related, and the rest is just the usual tragic nonsense.

It’s August, the first day of the football season and the beginning of another busy month. At STW, we’ve been busy too, planning out the next few months and getting ready for the start of a very exciting venture which we hope to tell you all about very soon.

However, in the wake of all these exciting things happening, we have to remember to stop, slow down and actually relax now and again. I did a post about this a while back called ‘practice what you preach‘.

There is something called ‘high functioning depression’, which I recognise many symptoms of, both in myself and many of my friends; FYI, I’m not a doctor – I’m not diagnosing myself or anyone else – it’s just a theory I have.

It’s basically, the idea that you can get on with your life – you do everything as normal – go to work, study, socialise but you still suffer with many of the effects of depression such as:

  • Decreased appetite or overeating
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Lack of energy and fatigue
  • Lowered self-esteem
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Feeling sad and hopeless

The issue with it is, when we have so much going on, we can write off some of these symptoms as just being busy, tired, or just having a ‘moment’. It’s a dangerous thing to write off, especially when we get so used to going at 100 miles an hour – we can get used to the symptoms too, meaning we don’t realise just how bad it is for us.

For me, I used to really suffer in the holidays. I didn’t understand why I always got ill when I had taken time off work/ university. In a way, it was my body going ‘finally’ – we can stop.

So, it’s been a great couple of weeks but I’m certainly planning to take the weekend (at least) to try and relax and recover so I can make sure I’m giving both my mind and body time to catch up.

I’ll be doing another post tomorrow which is all around drinking! It’s going to be an interesting one to write about (my boyfriend sneered at me before, knowing how hypocritical it is for me to talk about drinking). I’m really looking forward to writing it though so screw him.

Have a good Saturday all!

Love always,

Lauren x

Positive of the day: I woke up feeling really excited to write today!