‘I’ll just have one’ is one of those lies I’ve told myself far to many times. I’ve even said it knowing full well that I’m staying for at least three and if someone convinces me otherwise, I’ll be out for the night.

I will be the first to take a shot and the last to have a drink of water. I know I’m not the only one.

Y’see we’re part of a society of ‘just ones’, ‘stay for another’ and ‘get it down you Zulu warrior’. Think about uni – how many nights out did you have without alcohol at uni? How much time do you spend with your friends without alcohol involved? If you’re like me – the answer is, probably not a lot.

The main problem is, when you have depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue – alcohol can be many things, but very often it’s not our friend when it comes to dealing with MH.

I know I have an issue with it. Sometimes I use it as a coping mechanism, sometimes I use it to celebrate feeling good – the problem is, the next morning, that feelings replaced by a hangover, regret and usually a wasted day or an empty bank account.

We’re going to do more of a focus on alcohol and mental health in the coming months – especially for those of you who are in uni or in jobs where alcohol is part of the culture of work.

For now, I’d just ask you to think about it and be honest with yourself. How much does alcohol impact your mental health?

Believe me – I do not practice what I preach here but I hope to, one day.

For any of us who get anxiety on a Sunday night – you’ll get through. Make sure you take the time to stop the world tonight and your world will still be turning tomorrow. I promise.

Love always,

Lauren and the Stop The World team x