On the Mondayest Tuesday ever, I imagine you are all scrolling through your social media looking at what everyone got up to over the weekend. You may have mixed feelings about this – nostalgia for the weekend you just had, disappointment for the weekend ending or, like I often do, loathing that your weekend wasn’t as good as Becky with the good hair (or anyone with good or bad hair for that matter).

You see, social media really gives me a mixed bag of feelings. When things are going well,  I’m dying to get things on social media – to tell the world how good my life is going right now. When it’s going okay, I genuinely get a little bit anxious because I feel like people will know it’s not that good anymore. And when I’m having a hard time, social media is like some type of torture implement to my brain – feeding me spoonfuls of what I could, should or would be doing, if I wasn’t being such a loser.

The reality is, no one really cares about what you do on social media. I mean not really. As long as you’re not too offensive, controversial, or naked – then people will kind of take you or leave you as you come.

The problem is, we really believe that they do care, and with that comes some serious issues. We can sometimes feel this horrible pressure to tell people what good things we’re doing at the weekend – that need to post and tag and hashtag every move we make.

We also have this really unhealthy obsession with seeing what other people are doing. Following people to ‘inspire us’ when really, they just remind us that we’re fat, or boring, or not achieving enough by 25. It sucks, it really does.

The worst thing is, there’s really no social media platform that doesn’t do this. I mean we look at Facebook to see what everyone’s up to, where are they in the world – have they got engaged? Did someone die?

We look at insta to see what everyone did over the weekend, what food did they eat, what were they wearing – oh what beautiful filtered scenery!

Then we look at twitter to see what everyone’s thinking: have you got something to say? Well why not condense it into 280 characters and then people will like or retweet – does that mean they’re really listening though?

Or my favourite – Snapchat. 10 second glimpses into people’s lives. Want to see what I look like with ears? No fear – snapchat’s got me sorted.

Okay – I’m going for a pretty morbid approach to social media. It’s not all doom and gloom and as someone who is building a business based on two rather large social media platforms – I’m the last person to be able to preach to the choir. However, I’ve 100% had my personal battles with it over the years.

I no longer use Snapchat because of how shit it made me feel a lot of the time.

What I have learnt to do is to fill my newsfeed/ insta feed with people who actually inspire me and feel better about myself. My personal favorites include ‘@effyourbeautystandards’, ‘@laura_fights_back’, ‘@coppafeel’ and people like Greg James, the Blurt Foundation, Giovanni Fletcher and many celebrities/ social influencers who are just a bit more real with us.

I saw a thing on insta seconds ago – it’s our featured picture courtesy of Kilburn station saying: the thing that screws us up the most is the picture in our head of how things are supposed to be. I really don’t think social media aids that at all.

It can be positive with a few tweaks – try hiding those people on your newsfeed that make you feel shit about yourself and following a few more people that make you laugh, smile, think etc.

We’re going to do a follow up post of the best positive people to follow to keep your social media healthy and happy. In the meantime, enjoy your post bank holiday Tuesday. It’s a 4 day week so you’re all ready on a roll towards the weekend. Don’t wish the week away though – there’s lots of things to smile about (if you just look up from your phone screen).

Love always,

Lauren and the STW team x

Positive of the day: Usually after seeing my uni girls, we have about 3 months until we see each other again. This time it’s 3 weeks!