September officially marks the end of the summer in the calendar and for many is seen to be the start of shorter nights, darker days and a tough time ahead.

There’s no coincidence that many of us struggle with our mental health more in the winter and so September can be a really difficult time for us.

I, however, love September. September for me always feels like the start of something new. Usually a new term or new job. For some reason, for the past few years I’ve always started a new job in September. It’s also my birthday month which really helps.

Some of us wait for January to start to try and reset but I always like to do it in September in an attempt to try and put off a mental health relapse post summer.

It can be a really exciting time: some people are starting or returning to uni, others are starting graduate roles, some may be starting their first ever job!

I love September because the leaves start changing colour and start going that gorgeous red colour. The weathers mild but we still have a few sunny days. We start with film nights and playing board games, and it’s okay to start cuddling under blanket forts.

We start thinking about the C word, but we get to enjoy the last of the summer events and there’s no need to stress yet.

September is what we make of it – we can treat it as the last bit of summer or the start of winter. It’s up to you!

Enjoy September everyone. If it’s not your favourite month, then we have lots of blogs planned to get you through it! We’re also looking at a few giveaways for the end of the month so keep your eyes peeled for some Stop The World goodies, coming soon!

Love always,

Lauren x

Positive of the day: I relearnt the Beyoncé single ladies dance this weekend and I get to teach it for charity soon. My life can be super fun sometimes!