Favourite song of the year has got to be, Peace – Under Liquid Glass. They have a great lyric that I genuinely sing to myself most days.

It goes: ‘everybody’s changing, blooming, moving on. Finale of the season, and we can’t overrun.’

This time of year, there tends to be a lot of change… and what sends our anxiety sky high? Change. Have you heard that phrase – the only constant is change? It’s true. However, we still freak the fuck out every time we get told that things are going to be different.

It’s scary. It can be exciting but there’s always that secret nervousness behind every change. People can try and fight it but it’s inevitable.

Today is me and my partners 5th year anniversary from when we went from friends to more than friends. That was a bloody big change.

In those 5 years I’ve changed from an undergrad to a graduate. From a trainee teacher to unemployed and having no clue what to do with my life. From a northerner to a northerner living in the south. From a size 10 to a size 14/16. From someone who thought they had everything together to someone who had a lot of mental health issues.

Yeah there’s been a lot of change. Some good, some bad. Not all bad though, actually that change has made me stronger. In the words of Peace, maybe I’ve bloomed, changed and moved on from who I was 5 years ago.

There’s certain things that maybe I could control – my waistline would be my first thing I’d like to change actually. However, I’m trying to embrace my changes and the choices I’ve made when I’ve been hit with change.

When you start owning change, and start reflecting on where change has gotten you so far – you realise it’s making you stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still fight it from time to time but when I’ve accepted it and start to see the positives in change – my life suddenly becomes a lot easier.

One thing I do want to establish though is you should only change for you. Sometimes we try and change who we are for others but that’s another story for another post.

Be you, bloom and change your attitude about change. Together, we’ve got this change thing down.

Throwback to me and Matt 5 years ago!

Positive of the day: Yesterday, we ordered a few T-shirts to test out the new logo. If we like them we might role a few out to you guys for being part of the Stop The World family!