We’ve turned to some of our wonderful Stop The World community to help us with this week’s blog.

We often look back on things forgetting how far we’ve come along the way, so we wanted to reflect on 3 key points in our journey so far: 1) starting university 2) graduating from university 3) where we are now.

We asked one simple question throughout – what do you wish you’d known?

Here’s the responses…

Leigh, 2013 English Language & Linguistics Graduate

1) After you’ve got to know your flat mates, don’t be scared to spread your wings a bit. Join societies that interest you and meet loads of different people. You’ll probably find tonnes of people you have loads in common with.

2) To make the most of my interest free overdraft!

3) If there was a job out there that actually combined my strengths and passions and didn’t involve late nights and working weekends.

Greg, 2013 History Graduate

1) Beer has a lot of calories. Also, mini pork pies are not the best thing for you.

2) Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t give you a God-given right to a well paid high-flying job. You’ve still got a lot of work to do. Take any knock backs you have as fate; what’s meant to be will be.

3) My calling in life. But I guess it’s okay not to know yet – I can figure it out someday!

Rebecca, 2015 English & Sociology Graduate:

1) Not to buy books on the recommended reading lists. I spent about £100 and never read a page of them.

2) I wish I didn’t compare myself to others that fell straight into a grad job. I was very hard on myself for just working in a shop for a year; but you know what, I had a good laugh and I saved a lot of money to then eventually start a post grad course on a career that I’m loving.

3) If Oasis will ever get back together… imagine!

Jake, 2013 Accounting, Financial Management & Maths Graduate:

1) I didn’t actually need to do a ‘relevant degree’ and I could’ve done something I’d have enjoyed more.

2) I didn’t need to rush to get a job and I could’ve travelled etc. before getting on the career ladder.

3) Which companies will be the next big thing so I’d know who to invest in, then I wouldn’t have to work 🌚

Julia, 2014 Human Communication Science Graduate:

1) I wish I’d known that my course wasn’t the be all end all (as it hasn’t really related to the job I’m doing now)..

2) I wish I’d known to take my time instead of plunging straight into a masters – I never really gave myself a break to travel or to really figure out the job market (I more just had it in my head that I needed to have a plan)

3) I wish I could know how to plan my time effectively so I can fit in all the stuff I wanna do alongside work!

Kris, 2013 Biology Graduate

1) That joining a sports team would be the best idea ever! I missed out by waiting till my second year.

2) Money isn’t everything and you should find a job you enjoy rather than something that requires you to use your degree.

3) I wish I could know how to successfully find a good work life balance and never be stressed.

Jay, 2014 Chemistry Graduate:

1) How important it is to go to all your lectures.

2) It’s ok to defer a year if you need extra support.

3) I didn’t finish my degree. I’d love to know how to use the part of the degree that I do have towards something worthwhile.

Rosie, 2014 Teaching and Design & Technology Graduate:

1) The uni asking for the best grades might not be the best uni for you.

2) How to save money effectively.

3) What different jobs I could do with my degree and experience.

Ed, 2013 Engineering Graduate:

1) That engineering was not a good degree choice for me but I’d still manage a 2:2 and a job at the end of it so perseverance was key.

2) After graduating i wish I’d known to buy a decent alarm clock/ actually use it properly!

3) How to transfer my skills to an online business

Maria, 2014 Law Graduate:

1) That I was going to get a 2:1 so to stress less and never feel guilty for the Wednesday nights out.

2) I would find a job that didn’t match my degree but that didn’t make me a failure.

3) What age I’ll eventually (if ever) be in a position to buy a house and generally be a bad ass baller!

Darcie, 2014 Geography Graduate

1. I wish when I started uni I knew that they would be the quickest three years of my life!!! And to appreciate them even more because now I would give anything to go out every night and eat chicken dippers all day (and also look like I did back then) 😂😂😂

2. I wish when I graduated that I didn’t think FUCK this is it and rush into the first ‘adult’ job I was offered. I should have taken my time and I applied for things (I.e teaching) that I actually wanted to do, not just run off to make the most money I could.

3. Now, I’m pretty happy I think, but I would love to know how other people manage to successfully bake a cake and not eat the entire mixture before it goes in the oven #fatgirlprobs

So as I was finding out all of these things, I was thinking really hard about what my three would be. In reality, I was a smart arse know it all when I started uni and then graduated expecting to feel exactly the same – I was just going to teach kids how to do that too. If I look back realistically, this is what I wish I’d known…

Lauren, 2014 English Literature & Language Graduate

1) I wish I’d known to actually take my module choices a bit more seriously. I based some choices on what was easiest rather than what would’ve been most interesting.

2) I wish I’d known how to recognize signs of depression and anxiety in myself much earlier. I also wish I’d accepted something was wrong! I did a lot of damage being in denial for a whole year and a half before I was diagnosed.

3) I wish I knew how to make Stop The World my full time job. I’m working on it but I don’t really have a clue where to start!

So there you have it. If you ever think that everyone’s got everything figured out – you’re wrong! We’re all going through something – trying to work it all out but there’s no need to live our life regretting what we wish we knew – just reflect on the journey that got us here.

Love always,

Lauren & The Stop The World community x

Positive of the day: Today is my birthday and Collabco have written a feature about us on their blog from an interview I did a couple of months ago! Good day all round!