These words were uttered by an incredibly close friend of mine. A friend who I’ve sadly lost recently due to my mental health getting the better of me.

True friends never go away.

True friends come back even when you’ve insulted their Mum, Brother, dog and goldfish; true friends will pick up the phone in the middle of night because you need someone to just listen; true friends believe in you when you stop believing in yourself; true friends understand; true friends question when everyone else agrees; true friends are your biggest critic and your worst enemy; true friends are your best friends, your family and sometimes the only people or person you have in the world.

Sometimes, you are your only friend. However, I highly doubt that you, dear reader, are truly alone.

Stop The World is my story, my battle and my way of dealing with my mental health. It’s not a solution, or a medical platform for anyone to rely on. However, if it’s a start – that’s amazing.

Stop The World has always been about giving people a voice when they’re too afraid to speak. I recently became so afraid to speak that I developed a stutter. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve never been afraid of speaking in my 26 (and a bit) years on this planet.

So, from the 4th of July, we will have our very own independence day. It’ll be our first post in a long time from the organic Stop The World Community.

Keep your eyes peeled folks because amazing things are about to happen.

Love always,

L x

Lauren STW new
To all my true friends – past and present, I love you all and thank you for helping me in the past few weeks / months / years.