I’ve recently taken to watching a lot of TV while I’m trying to recover from the latest ‘brain blip’ or acute stress symptoms as my latest doctor said. I haven’t got a label for the latest episode yet. I guess that’s part of the problem but I’m working on it.

I decided to start watching some of my favourite TV series in the hope of a quick recovery. One of my favourite TV personalities is Louis Theroux; the man, the myth, the legend.

The other day, I watched the Miami Jail special two part episode (it’s on Netflix). There was a great word that one of the prisoners taught Louis – GABOS. G.A.B.O.S stands for ‘Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy’.
It kinda went against everything I’ve ever stood for, and it really made me feel for these new ‘innocent until proven guilty’ prisoners coming into the jail. However, something about it really stuck with me.

It made me question a lot of the things that have happened and particularly things to do with privacy and sharing.

I’m quite clearly a ‘sharer. I have a blog, I talk to anyone who asks about my life and I’m constantly on social media.

I started to think if I was looking for sympathy or empathy by writing Stop The World. Was I playing a game? Have I been playing a game? If I was playing a game, what do I win? Money? Pride? Sympathy? Fame?

I think what I’ve been looking for is a bit of sympathy at times. I’ve had a hard few years – I deserve some sympathy. BUT by no means have I being playing a game – not in my personal life anyway. Everyone has to play a little bit of a game professionally but we’ll come onto that in another post, another day (I’m talking E-QUAL-IT-EEE).

As my good friend, in This Too Shall Pass said, it’s all about taking one step at a time. It’s one bite size post at a time and I bloody love writing this blog.

I think the biggest compromising factor to both the success of this blog and the success of my career thus has been lack of understanding both from me and others.

Therefore, the game I’d like to play with you all is, how many people truly get you? Not your mental health, not your Mum, Boyfriend, Sister, Brother, Girlfriend, Best Friend or Cat. Who gets YOU.

Play that game, tot up your total and then once you’ve counted it up – then ask yourself – do you get YOU?

The game ain’t based on sympathy; it’s based on empathy and understanding. Don’t look for sympathy, look for understanding and you’ll go much further than some of the people you see on your news feeds.

Love always,

L x
thank you

Positive Of The Day: I got my car back today from the second garage it’s been in and it was almost £200 cheaper than the first quote I got. The North wins again!