Okay, social isolation and social distancing sucks. Cafes are shut, pubs have closed their doors and theaters have drawn their final curtain for a while.

Some people might feel at a bit of loss of what to do. Some might feel a bit lonely and like there’s this over riding sense of ‘doom and gloom’ at the moment. However, here at Stop The World we want to combat this by sharing some of the great things that you can do to still be ‘social’ in this unprecedented time of isolation and distancing.

So much room for activities

Some Ideas & Activities To Prevent That Doom or Gloom Feeling

1) The Virtual Pub
virtual pub (2)

Last night my friends had a go at creating a ‘virtual pub’. We all had a drink of our choice and dialed into a Skype meeting at 8pm. We had a good old catch up, laughed, toasted to birthdays and next week, we’re planning on doing a ‘pub quiz’. There are other apps such as House Party, Microsoft Teams and Whats App that you can create similar things but I had a big cheesy smile on my face afterwards.

Equally, the likes of legendary Bongo’s Bingo have set up live streams on Facebook so you can still party at home! They tend to announce the event about 24 hours before, so keep an eye on social media for their next live event.

2) Virtual Exercise Classes
Home work outs have always been a thing but now gyms are closed and sports seasons have been postponed, we need to make sure we’re exercising and keeping active.

Joe Wicks is running free PE sessions every weekday morning for half an hour for kids.

Fitness instructors and Dance teachers are offering up their services for free through Facebook Live sessions. I do a free fun themed dance class every Wednesday lunchtime for those who just want a bit of light exercise (feel free to message if you want to join).

3) Reading With Ru
If you’ve got young children, perhaps you’re learning English or you just want a daily dose of cuteness, ‘Reading with Ru’ is the perfect read-a-long service. Every Tuesday – otherwise known as ‘Ruby Tuesday’- 4 year-old Ruby will be reading a children’s book live on YouTube. Subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram.

4) Become A ‘Caremonger’ For Your Community
There are many Facebook support groups available where you can volunteer your services to your local community. Whether it involves helping the elderly with shopping or just offering to walk someone’s dog who is self isolating, there’s so much you can do at this time that can help care for those around you.

5) Set a Daily Challenge
My workplace has set up a group where we check in each day to share how we’ve been feeling and to focus on our well being. Each day, someone sets a daily challenge to inject a little bit of fun into the day. Whether it’s creating a ‘sexy sandwich’ at lunch time or sharing fun animal facts, it’s been a great distraction when we’re working from home.

6) Watch A Play or Show
Unfortunately, theatre’s have had to shut their doors in light of the latest government advice but projects like the Show Must Go On have created a live stream of Shakespeare plays so you can still get your theatre fix. 

7) Do Some Remote Learning
If you’re having to entertain children who have been sent home from schools, due to closures, there’s plenty of resources you can access to try and encourage a routine of learning.

WE charity has some great resource for teachers, parents and students to carry on their learning at home. Register for the WE Schools Hub for lots of resources such as bite size activities and ideas for taking part in social action at home.

8) Make a Collaborative Playlist
‘If music be the food of love, play on’? Use the likes of spotify to create a playlist to share with your friends and colleagues. I created one last night called Quaran-Tunes to try and make people smile in this slightly crazy time. Feel free to add your own songs – I’ll be listening all week. 

9) Learn A Language
If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, now is the time. When have you ever had such time to focus on self-improvement and learning? There’s great apps like Duolingo which gives you a topic a day and has lots of ways to practice and test yourself. 

10)  Explore Your Local Parks
As the weather is improving, there’s never been a better time to get out and get your daily exercise. Local parks provide a great space to have a quick stroll while maintaining your distance from others. Take pictures and share your favourite parks with others on social media.

And that’s your lot! If you’ve got any other suggestions of what we can do in this tough time, please comment and share with others. We’re all in this together!

Love always,

Lauren x