We’ve been in lock down in the UK for almost 100 days now. Would you have believed it 6 months ago if someone was to tell you that the world as we know it would literally stop functioning for 100 days? Probably not.

We’ve seen some really interesting reactions to how the UK has dealt with lock down. I know some people who have religiously stuck to the rules, sacrificed time with their family and friends to be a key worker, and others who broke the rules at the first opportunity they got.

It’s not my place to judge either way. All I can say is, I know it’s been pretty hard for a lot of people and a real test for our mental health.

I have managed to make the best of a bad situation on the whole, and got to spend the majority of lock down with my family in the North West. It has been such an overwhelming time for so many people but I seem to have come out okay for now.

One of the things I’ve been able to do through lock down is really appreciate the little things. As you all know, I love to find the positives in each day – it really helps when you have depression to force yourself to find the positives in the worst days.

Over lock down, I’ve started to find that some of the smallest things have really brightened my day. It’s the small wins that have got me through, not the big announcements by Boris or the 5pm news conferences.

Here are some of the ‘small wins’ I’ve had during lock down:

1) Northern Hello’s (and small talk)
I love that in the North, you say hello to an absolute stranger. It’s just nice.

2) Walking/ Running
Going for a run or a walk has really become the highlight of my day. It’s been so good to get some fresh air and take in the surroundings of my beautiful little town.

4) Basil Faulty, ‘the Basil Plant’ and other House Plants
My Dad and I have taken a real interest in looking after our house plants. We have a basil plant we named Basil Faulty, and we genuinely comment on his growth every day. We also recommend when he needs a haircut.

5) My Grandma’s Use of GIF’s
The older generation and whatsapp don’t usually go together, but when they do and they throw out a GIF, it’s mind blowing.

6) Small Children just being cute
It’s so great just seeing children playing and enjoying the outdoors. They’re using their imaginations, going on a bear hunt or drawing pictures to put in windows.

7) Mug Shots
5 minutes to make and 1% fat. It’s been a revolution.

8) The Residents of Gillow Road (aka my neighbours)
My neighbours have been so sweet. I loved seeing them every Thursday when we clapped, and when I was packing my car to go back to London, they all waved me goodbye. You can’t put a price on great neighbours.

9) Mid Day Naps
Now if I’m tired at work, instead of my lunch break, I’ll take a power nap. I’m like a whole new woman when I wake up.

10) People being more open about how they feel at the moment
So many people are speaking openly about how they feel at the moment. It’s those mental health conversations that help so many people realise they’re not alone.

So to conclude, when you break a day down into small wins, you come to realise that maybe parts of lock down haven’t been that bad after all.

Stay safe, and look after yourselves.

Love always,

Lauren x

A snapshot of my office set up in London.

Positive of the day: A task that was taking me all day to do yesterday, I managed to finish before 9:30am today. Progress!