This post is inspired by the most feel good show on TV – the secret life of 4 year-olds.

One thing I love about kids is they really cannot keep secrets. They can be so brutally honest and are great at saying things like it is including how they feel. Quite recently my younger cousin told a family member that they looked like they were having another baby. Absolutely no filter or awareness of what he was saying but luckily, he’s pretty cute so he somehow got away with it.

Moving past childhood, and into our teenage years we really lose that ability to say how we feel. I really feel sorry for teenagers in a sense that they seem to get labelled as a ‘grumpy teenager’, but actually we don’t get that much better the older we get. ‘Okay’, ‘alright’ and ‘fine’ must be one of the most commonly used lies of all time.

I’ve seen the #timetotalk hashtag being circulated around various news sources and throughout social media for years. I have said a lot about talking about mental health in the past and I will always be an advocate for fighting the stigma surrounding MH. I am however increasingly bad at initiating conversations and I often over analyse what I’ve said, how I’m responding and what the other person is thinking. That’s my secret really – I preach, but I don’t practice what I preach enough.

This is a habit I need to kick and will need others to help me kick the habit. I thought I’d give you some facts about my life to potentially break the ice before the real conversation begins…


  • I sing in the shower in the hope that someone will overhear me and tell me how incredible I am 
  • I have practiced my catwalk many times in the hallway (usually after watching ANTM)
  • I sometimes read my kindle at lunch so people think I’m more intelligent than I am
  • I still make up dance routines in my bedroom 
  • I get very emotionally invested in competitions (particularly on Radio 1) and become hideously disappointed when I haven’t won 
  • I have deleted posts on Instagram when it only gets 1 like
  • I am the world’s worst impulse buyer. This month I bought some passion fruit whitening toothpaste that is 100% not approved by any health organisation
  • I talk to my plants all the time
  • I often don’t know my limits when drinking alcohol
  • I worry that I’ll experience Psychosis again and it terrifies me
  • I think about last Summer A LOT and I hate that some people will remember that ill version of me, as me
  • I sometimes say I’m okay when I’m not

However, here’s the thing: the moment we stop making our mental health a secret, it becomes something we feel we can talk about. It’s the scariest thing saying we’re not okay, and saying ‘I don’t understand what’s happening in my own head’.

I dare you to tell your own secret today if you’re not okay. It’s a cliche but it’s true, it’s okay not to be okay.

Love always,

Lauren x

Positive of the day: I’m heading home to see my very own favourite 3 year old turn 4!