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What is Stop The World?

Just over a year ago, we had a realisation that no one really knew what we were or what we’re about. 

People were interested in what we had to say, and were trying to steer us in a direction that we weren’t comfortable with. We ended up walking away from some really exciting business prospects because they didn’t suit who we were. 

Therefore, we put together a little mantra, as it were, to try and sum up just what we do:

We’re for the Facebook scrollers, the Insta trollers,
The tweets and the hashtags, for when the hangover’s so bad.
Awake at 4am? We’re for those who can’t get to sleep again.

We’re not 111 or 999,
We’re not a medical team or a crisis line,
But we are here for the hard times.

We Stop The World when you need space or a break,
Whether it be a moment, a minute, a brew or a cake.

Sometimes, when it seems to hard to laugh,
We’re here at the start of the conversation,
That makes you realise – you’re not being daft.

Sometimes, when you’re just looking for direction,
You can read about someone who has had similar questions,
Rejection, connections, taking time for some reflection.

It’s okay not to be okay,
To take some time out of your day,
For you, no one else,
Everything can and will wait.

When the world is turning too fast for you to keep up,
There’s something there for you when you need to stop.
And when your life seems to become uncurled,
Just take a second to Stop The World.

Would you like to write for Stop The World? We want Stop The World to be a platform for anyone who feels brave enough to write about their experiences of mental health. Please get in contact via Instagram or Facebook!

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