I was thinking about this post ALL day yesterday. Unfortunately, from about 7am when I set off to work and 10pm when I got home, I didn’t have a chance to even open word press yesterday.

This slightly misleading title is all about girls competing with girls in a negative way. 

A colleague of mine stopped another colleague in the corridor and said ‘Sanaz, you are such a beautiful human being. Both inside and out.’ Sanaz looked incredibly confused as Shanade swayed out the door but you could see a little smile creep onto Sanaz’s face.

When I asked Shanade why she did that, she said that too many girls are put against each other and see one another as competition. She said that she’s sick of being compared to other women and would prefer to just admire them.

Everything she said was so simple but so true. 

I am sick of competiting against women. I’m sick of being put down by other women or putting myself down by comparing myself to other women. 

I think it’s time we call on some girl and girl action. I want to see girls complimenting girls. Using phrases like ‘I really admire you because…’ Why? Because we need to say it and we need to hear it to.

I admire so many women. I’ll pick on one as part of my positive of the day.

Positive of the day: I admire my best friend Laura for fighting through her anxiety triggered by exams and coming out of uni with a FIRST! I’m super proud of her and she should be super proud of herself.